Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day

My nephew Kaden

I will love Labor Day until my dying day.
For two years now, it's just so happened that my brothers, husband and I have been able to drive home for not much more than a 24-hour rendezvous under our backyard's pergola for the day where we get a rest from our labors.
I've developed this expectation that we all meet up at home on Labor Day now.
It's right up there with Christmas.

My momma insisted that "the Chicago people" sit out in the sun, because she firmly believes that we get too white in Chi-Town.
But it was hot (summer of 2012, when can we say goodbye?), so we spent the day out in the sun and in the pool.

Smoked brats under the pergola, burgers and strawberry shortcake cake (husband's new favorite cake found in this cookbook) for supper, and baby niece and nephew palooza.
I die.

There's a history, a behavioral pattern if you will.
I retreated home every Labor Day in college, I fell in love with husband-to-be on a Labor Day weekend at home, I got married in my backyard on Labor Day weekend six years ago, and to this day I'm still a Labor Day under that pergola with those people kinda girl.
Labor Day is like, my thing I think.

Where and how do you like to spend Labor Day?

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my sweet Stambach said...

Oh, how lovely this was :) I'm so glad it was (is) such a fun day for you guys! Labor Day for us this year. But germans celebrate the 'day of no labor' every Sunday, hehe!