Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Montrose Sunday

We really killed it this mid-September weekend.
Hosted a party at our apartment on Friday night, went on a City Walk date night on Saturday, and spent Sunday afternoon relaxing at Montrose with my brothers.

Do you like full weekends, or more open ones?
I'm partial to both.
One point for an oxymoron.

At Montrose, those who said they needed to do homework didn't.
Those who brought books to read did not.
Those who said they planned to nap on a blanket (me) didn't do that either.

There were the last of the season's sailboats to watch and lively discussion to be had about the Red Cards we want to buy, plans about teaming up for the Chicago Triathalon next summer, save the dates to see Freud's Last Session at the Mercury Theater together, and a good-natured group epiphany about the Freudian-rooted dynamics of our present day subordination to our older sister Tiff who we all adore.
I never laugh harder than with these people.

Not too many Sundays left for this kind of Montrose day!
Then again, you never can know for sure with Chicago weather.


Anonymous said...

What a perfectly lovely Sunday! And such a good looking bunch too! :)

Debbie T said...

Love you guys. The country mice have been having a grand time as well . . . I just don't know how to say it all purty like ;) Ask your mama, or your sista or the Beautiful Miss Lilly.