Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

In my line of work it's common to work some part of the weekend or at the very least, evenings.
Evenings and weekends not necessarily free in this career.

This came as somewhat of a surprise to me when I entered the field, because my internship had been at a college counseling center where, because college students actually are free during the day, the campus counseling center kept typical Monday-Friday business hours.

Enter post-college when I learned that this schedule was atypical for most therapists and that while it felt like big time real life at the time... it wasn't really, at least in terms of that sweet nine to five.
By the way, college itself also felt like big time real life at the time... but it wasn't really.

But as hard as it can be, I like real life and I love what I do.
In a therapist-to therapist conversation at work one day (if you think heart-to-hearts are a heavy-weight, you should try one of these sometime), one of my co-workers said she's found that having a week day off can be key in city living.

I sincerely miss Saturdays with husband and Saturday's ideology that a day by the name of "Monday" can never share, but the more I experience urban living I think I've learned the same lesson.
By Monday the Loop has re-populated with all the people that would be at the park, at the gym, and at the bakery on Saturday.
That makes Monday a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

My mental state has come to count on Mondays where the park is quiet, the sun deck at my gym is empty, and the French bakery down the street has open tables by the window.
Beautiful days in the neighborhood, those are.

Neighborhood park

Neighborhood gym

Neighborhood French bakery

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Anonymous said...

A lovely day and LIFE indeed!