Monday, December 30, 2013

First Christmas & a Bear Hat

This first Christmas with Augy was probably the last Christmas for quite awhile that I'll be able to have presents wrapped and under the tree throughout Christmas, since he'll likely be tearing around the place  next year.
Also probably the last of having our tree decorated with our glass blown ornaments, or any ornaments at all, at least for a few years.
So.  This was a pretty good year for me, being that I get a yummy baby to squeeze and still get to go all pretty-pretty and not have it be disturbed.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is not only picking out gifts but choosing wrapping paper and spending a few evenings listening to Christmas music and wrapping everything up pretty.
I usually find a combination of papers from The Container Store and Paper Source, and then I try to find one from Target to work in if I'm being mindful of cha-ching-ching.

Augy didn't seem too impressed with our Christmas tree until a few days before we left town when I realized that if I laid him on a blanket right beneath the tree, he was smitten with it.
It was so sweet and pretty magical to watch.
But funny too because even at 5 months, his little toes went a kicking at my carefully wrapped packages until he would get a bow kicked off.

As for the bear hat, Neal found it when we were out Christmas shopping and picked it out for Augy.
It's one of the few things in Augy's wardrobe that was found by his dad, so it's a fun one.

Merry Christmas, again!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 & Happy New Year!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for the fresh new year!

I don't know about him, but Augy's first Christmas was truly magical for us.
Ahem I should say the Christmas season, not necessarily Christmas Day itself, given that by Christmas Day he was already so far off his schedule that he woke up all night, got up early, and was fussy-tired throughout the day.

But that doesn't matter, it was still so special and the best Christmas season we've ever had!
He was pretty impressive too at pulling the ribbon off his first present and rustling the tissue paper.

Some of you still have Christmas cards from us coming in the mail.
Yes, we are that family this year getting some of our cards out after the New Year.
It was the year of the new baby, cheers!

Thank you Tiny Prints, for our first family Christmas card.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

In the car on the way to Indy for Thanksgiving this year we were like, "This is our first holiday season with a baaaaaby!"
Traveling "over the river and through the woods" with a baby in the back seat to visit the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins is so picturesque. 

Except when I tried to defy all the mom advice to "not have them travel in the outfit you want them to arrive in."
Which was this, by the way.
We ended up changing a diaper in the back seat during a traffic jam and then having to put Augy in his carseat naked.
Haha.  Oh dear.

We rotate every year for Thanksgiving-- one year with my family, the next year with Neal's, and so forth.
We like doing it that way so we can relax and enjoy one family and not worry about splitting our time and traveling too much.
Christmas we do both though, since we have a longer time off.

Augy's first Thanksgiving was spent with his Anderson family, and his Mae Mae and Grandpa Anderson who he loves!
Thankful this year for not only our family and friends but also our own new little family!