Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project 365: Week 15

I feel like I didn't get the greatest collection of pictures this week, but I can live with that I guess.
Keepin' up.

Day 100: (Day 100!) Concentrating on his support while learning to stand.
Day 101: Made it back to the gym today after forever.  Why is there so much to do in a day?
Day 102: One thing that will always stand out to me about Augy as a baby is how he's up for anything.  Groceries?  For sure.  Errands?  Totally.  Whatever, wherever, hey it'll be interesting.
Day 103: Introducing new toys.
Day 104: So very proud of himself and his new standing trick!
Day 105: We had the most gorgeous day of the year this week, and wow was it rejuvenating!  We had a blast of a picnic date at this fantastic lakeside park that day with Kirra and Ellie.  Naturally it's snowing tonight, but that's Chicago spring for you.
Day 106: Sweet gifts from a friend.  A friend who knows I love lemon everything!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Project 365 Weeks 13 & 14

I have two weeks of Project 365 to post by way of catch up.
I got a bit behind on posting due to a project I was working on for work.  
But I was still snapping photos!  Problem is, I'm not exactly sure which photos are from which days, so I just posted 14 photos (2 weeks worth).  

Day 86: I obviously didn't take this one, but I'm so grateful to have it!
Day 87: A much-needed date night at the Art Institute.
Day 88: Teething.
Day 89: I got Neal this mug when Augy was born to commemorate our first child born in Chicago.  I love using it too though.
Day 90: Excited about himself standing.
Day 91: Another day, another park.
Day 92: Izze's with Chipotle.  Summer must be comin'!
Day 93: The original book club baby.  She came along with her mama to this month's meeting at the Bourgeois Pig where we discussed The Goldfinch.
Day 94: My man enjoys being in the kitchen, which pretty much saves my life on a regular basis.
Day 95: Privileged to teach Brene Brown's concepts on shame and shame resiliency to a group of student leaders last week.  Pick up any of her books!  I'm a huge fan.
Day 96: Exerting effort to push up on all fours.
Day 97: Discovering how to slide down the hallway backwards.  I really wish this kid was more expressive. ;)
Day 98: It's no secret that I read through a lot of books, but today here's a photo of a stack of books that I've started and am "still reading" but haven't finished.  Ha.  Whoops.  I like them all though, I really do!

Day 99: Listening to the train go by overhead.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Project 365: Week 12

Day 79: This may be my favorite picture I've taken of my Augy to date.  Surprising maybe, but it just captures his spirit to me right now.  So curious, so interested in and fascinated with everything.  Also, his close-lipped expressions shoot me straight through the heart.
Day 80: Cruisin' on the El like any old city baby.
Day 81: Visiting the Art Institute.  After the huge effort we made to get there (tracking down a free pass from an obscure library, scheduling around nap time, making the trek into the loop), we arrived with 20 minutes until closing.  I will not accept defeat!
Day 82: Red.
Day 83: Grocery haul.  Twice weekly.  Try not to be jealous of how I haul these, with my 20+ pound baby, from a garage-less car, into a two-door entry lobby, up 12 flights in an elevator, and down a long hallway.  Just try really hard not to be jealous.  But still, I am thankful.
Day 84: Late afternoon sun in the nursery.
Day 85: I cannot believe this is happening.  Tickets are booked!  Pinch me!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Project 365: Week 11

Day 71: We're on Day 15 of the Whole 30 program.  We really needed a reset on cooking meals at home and kick-starting the discipline of consistently eating healthy again.  Before I got pregnant we were in a good routine, but then... well.  Obviously.  Whole 30 has been a huge sacrifice (time, money, convenience, discipline) but I can honestly say we're thrilled with it so far, with some grumpy moments in between.  For the first time in my life, I'm not hungry all the time but I'm eating as clean as a whistle.
Day 72: The other thing cleaning out our wallets is Augy's eating habits.  The child does not like the food we puree for him.  He makes his preference for store-bought baby food loud and clear.  Which is basically the same thing as highway robbery.
 Day 73: Watching the park for spring.  Not seeing much.

Day 75: Lunch.

Day 74: This basket in our living room is the catchall for my current most-frequently-used books.

Day 76: Ok so honest confession, I'm trying to reign in some tiny jealousy feelings of Neal and Augy's developing relationship.  They're really clicking more and more as Augy can play more things and they can be silly together.  I know, I know, crazy that you would love both of your parents the same, right? ;)
Day 77: I can see his face without seeing his face.
Day 78: Hi mama!  I'm awake!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Project: Week 10

Day 63: We can "read" through this stack of books in about 2 minutes flat.
Day 64: I recently started a routine around the house of "Mondays are groceries, Tuesdays are laundry..." and it's clearing up my mental state big time.
Day 65: More of this please, haha.
Day 66: Augy's first gig, modeling Moody gear for the Moody website.  Too funny, and he of course had a grand time in the limelight.
Day 67: It blows my mind to think of city life through his 7-month-old perspective.
Day 69: Heart and soul.  I fell in love with you, heart and soul.
Day 70: Watchin' and waitin' for the train to come.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Project 365 Up to Date

Project 365, up to date.  Holla.

 Day 51: Watching Winnie the Pooh because he didn't nap and Mommy needed to get ready to leave for work.  DVD left at our house by his bestie Ellie Sue.
 Day 52: Professor and licensed psychologist Dr. Kelly Flanagan from Wheaton College was on the Today Show for this letter he wrote to his daughter about beauty that doesn't fade.  Suuuper cool.
 Day 53: Bundled up to walk in below zero temperatures to go get a flu shot.  Life is hard.
 Day 54: We ducked into the gorgeous flower shop down the street from our apartment, telling the florist we were "in search of beauty."  I took a picture of his flowers, and he took a picture of Augy to send to his sister, who had just had a baby.
 Day 55: Stopping by to see Daddy at work.
Day 56: This is still up on our chalkboard wall.  Not getting old.  Literally and truly could not have done it without the most supportive husband on the planet.
Day 57: Congratulatory flowers from my practice.  Such wonderful people.
Day 58:  New sheets from Dwell Studio. These just were a must for his nursery.
 Day 59: I will always remember me & Augy's first winter together.  The worst winter in 100 years.  We would not have survived it without the Target that opened 3 minutes from our apartment.  We made small trips every other day or so, just to get out of the house. 
 Day 60: After the accidental occurrence of Augy submerging his entire head in the bath water, we decided to take him swimming since he didn't seem bothered at all after going under.  As it turns out, he. loved. swimming.  My momma heart will always remember the joy and bravery he showed in his first swim.
Day 61:  The daily.  Well, not the coffee.  I wish, but it's too acidic for my stomach, so it's reserved for desperate days only.
 Day 62: Gorgeous gold cake and Oscar ballots for an Oscar's Party at Kirra's.  Love my girls and Kirra's party-throwing magic.