Friday, September 21, 2012

First Fall

Happy first day of fall!
Chicago's right on time this year, with the first chilly days arriving this week like clockwork.

Windows open, death wish from my allergies, boots with dresses to work, and the first First Ascent wear of the season.

There are so many definitions of the first day of fall.
The most prevalent definition on Chicago streets seems to be the day when Starbucks returns to serving pumpkin spice lattes.
You never hear the end of it around here!

Not that I want pumpkin spice lattes to end, but I haven't even started on those yet.
What I started on was my small collection of First Ascent Cloudlayers.

I've snuggled into it at the park in the early morning a couple times this week already.
Worn it back and forth from the gym, and pulled it on over jeans tonight on the vespa to our favorite little Thai place in Wicker Park.
My family is bonkers for these fleeces
it's the family uniform you could say.

My sister already tweeted the colors she wants for Christmas from this season's line, and I can name a handful of friends who have become First Ascent devotees after hanging around the Thompsons.
At two each, husband and I are by far at the low end of Cloudlayer counts in my family.

They're lightweight, breathable, and slim-fitting but so warm.
Happy fall!


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure you Thompsons rubbed off on both Isaac and Alyssa, and you might convince me to buy one too! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, my friend.

Kirra said...

Well shoot I guess I need one bestie!