Wednesday, June 3, 2015

August Wells, 22 Months

There are a few moments along the way where I've paused to capture Augy in words, and looking back I'm so happy for those entries.  Well, I'm here to say that August Wells at 22 months is enough to bring me back to my blog.  People say "every stage is the best stage," and first of all, I disagree with that, and second of all, 22-month Augy really is it so far.

He is just so much fun, so much sweet, so much engaging, so much interesting, so much... joy.  He's well-adjusted at the present moment and does not need to engage in as much boundary-testing or tantrum-ing.  All this turns on a dime, but man are we getting it good these days.

A few captures of him lately:

Loves a new pair of pajamas I got him with airplanes on them.  Requests excitedly and often, "Airplane jammies?!"

Responds with an enthusiastic, "Yeah, I do!" to any questions to which he wants to give an affirmative answer.  "Would you like strawberries for breakfast?"  "YEAH, I DO!"

Has a toy Chicago firetruck that was love at first sight and has become his everything.  Plays with it anywhere and everywhere.

Refers to any bumps or falls as "BONK!"  And then says, "It's ok, I gotchu."

Asks me almost daily and with a heartbreaking measure of hope, "Ride train?  Fun."  In other words, taking the L is his daily hope and dream and it's his idea of fun.  And why wouldn't we have fun today?

Has recall of the previous day's or week's events and will talk the next day about things we did the day before.

Is delighted with the fountains that have come on all over the city this summer and likes to visit them, point them out, and talk about them, "fountain?"  We do our best to see them, and it's not hard in this neighborhood.

Tells me about things he finds "fun" or "funny."

Pats us on the back while we snuggle him before bed.  Asks for "squeeze!" while being put to bed, which means he wants the three of us to group hug and then laughs and laughs. ;)

August Wells, you have provided a lifetime's worth of joy for us to feast on in your 22 months of life. Knowing you is our greatest happiness in this life.