Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Love

Just stopping in quick to say hello after the long Labor Day weekend!
After celebrating our anniversary, working the weekend, and dinner with friends, we made an emotionally-driven decision to pack an overnight bag and head down to my family's for Sunday and Monday. 

I'm so thankful for emotions, because sometimes they lead us to the sweetest places, when our logic would keep us rooted in the mundane (the flip side of responsibility's coin).
We even stayed over Monday night and got another peaceful night sleep with cool country air wafting in open windows.
We got on the road early this morning to get back to Chicago.

My pocket's full of responsible coins today, like a grocery haul, a run, and unpacking.
See you back here soon!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yay, Ash, I'm so happy for you guys. It was the perfect labor day here. So glad you got to come down and enjoy it. Love you. Lil