Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So Fall

This weekend husband and I fell into a new practice for fall, led by the subconscious it seems.
For the past three nights, we've taken slow walks in the evening through our neighborhood as if that's what we've done for years, when in fact we never do.

"Let's go out for a walk."
"You wanna go on a walk tonight?"
"I was thinking we could go on a walk for a little while."

I think it's the cold weather stealing through the city.
The city sidewalks resting underneath embers of evening sun.
The sensory experience of cooler air and warmer colors mingling that lets our subconscious know that autumn is meant to be walked.

Sunday evening we were on one of these slow walks and we ended up finding a hot bowl of soup for dinner.
When we walked in the waitress said, "You two look so fall!"

Well then.
I guess these fall walks look good on.


Kacie said...

I miss Chicago SO much in the fall. I came as a missions rep to missions conference a few years back and it was so BEAUTIFUL coming from still-summer-like Dallas.

Maria said...

Oh, how I love this. And yes, you and husband are like the epitome of fall.