Monday, September 17, 2012


You guys, you need to know this about me.
I geek out about stuff.

This weekend husband and I made it down to Jackson Park to explore, via the Jackson Park City Walk Card.

I geeked out over this book, chapter after chapter.
Highly recommend, especially for Chicagoans or those who love the Windy City and its history.
Devil in the White City is a psych thriller about a psychopathic murderer at Chicago's World Fair in 1893.
I went nuts for the details of the gritty, dark, and dirty Chicago of the 1800's and the wholesome strength of midwest work ethic and architectural and creative genius that hoisted the World Fair on its Big Shoulders.

One of the buildings from the World Fair still stands today, recognized by most as today's Science and Industry Museum.
Everything else burned down, but Jackson Park still holds the landscape structure of the fair and the site of all the murder, magic, and madness of Chicago's grandest and darkest year in history.

We explored until the day went dark, 
and then went and had late night burgers under the lights of our favorite outdoor patio back in our neighborhood.

Do you ever go on geeky date nights?

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i miss geeky date nights in the city! this post was too much fun - and i'm totally gonna look into Devil book (hehe). i had heard of it but have never read it for myself.

p.s. miss you! love love loved out phone date the other day! i'm still laughing over the end of our convo.