Thursday, April 24, 2014

Project 365: Week 16

Day 107: Breakfast date at the Bongo Room the morning I turned 30!!  Still dreaming of the sunny window spot where Neal and I shared a breakfast burrito and out-of-this-world red velvet pancakes.
Day 108: Kirra took me to Magnolia Bakery to celebrate.  I had never been there, but I will be back.  Oh goodness.  Maybe we'll even go in New York!
Day 109:  First Easter with August Wells.  We pray the truths of Easter will be central in our little boy's heart someday.

Day 110: First teeth finally appeared!
Day 111: His favorite Chicago uncle.  Love every minute we get with this guy and so does Augy.
Day 112:  Father & son.
Day 113: My girlfriends took me out one night this week to celebrate my 30th.  They showed up at my door and took me to Eataly where we had to-die-for pizza and ravioli and then ended the night at the Nutella bar.  Hello.  Best!
Day 114: Some very sneaky and loving family and friends went in on this birthday gift.  My life is changed!  Sorry if that's shallow, but it is. :) This has to be the best birthday I've ever, ever had, just the way I got surprised on multiple occasions by my people and all the ways we got to celebrate and spend time together.  And now New York this weekend!  What a way to begin a new decade.  I'm very thankful.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project 365: Week 15

I feel like I didn't get the greatest collection of pictures this week, but I can live with that I guess.
Keepin' up.

Day 100: (Day 100!) It all happens here.
Day 101: Made it back to the gym today after forever.  Why is there so much to do in a day?
Day 102: Oh my baby.  So big.
Day 103: Introducing new toys.
Day 104: So very proud of himself and his new standing trick!
Day 105: We had the most gorgeous day of the year this week, and oh my goodness was it rejuvenating.  We had a blast of a picnic date at this fantastic lakeside park that day with Kirra and Ellie.  Naturally it's snowing tonight, but that's Chicago spring for you.
Day 106: Sweet gifts from a friend.  A friend who knows my love for all things lemon and for Proverbial wisdom.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Project 365 Weeks 13 & 14

I have two weeks of Project 365 to post by way of catch up.
I got a bit behind on posting due to a project I was working on for work.  
But I was still snapping photos!  Problem is, I'm not exactly sure which photos are from which days, so I just posted 14 photos (2 weeks worth).  

Day 86: I obviously didn't take this one, but I'm so grateful to have it!
Day 87: A much-needed date night at the Art Institute.
Day 88: Teething.
Day 89: I got Neal this mug when Augy was born to commemorate our first child born in Chicago.  I love using it too though.
Day 90: Excited about himself standing.
Day 91: Another day, another park.
Day 92: Izze's with Chipotle.  Summer must be comin'!
Day 93: The original book club baby.  She came along with her mama to this month's meeting at the Bourgeois Pig where we discussed The Goldfinch.
Day 94: My man enjoys being in the kitchen, which pretty much saves my life on a regular basis.
Day 95: Privileged to teach Brene Brown's concepts on shame and shame resiliency to a group of student leaders last week.  Pick up any of her books!  I'm a huge fan.
Day 96: Exerting effort to push up on all fours.
Day 97: Discovering how to slide down the hallway backwards.  I really wish this kid was more expressive. ;)
Day 98: It's no secret that I read through a lot of books, but today here's a photo of a stack of books that I've started and am "still reading" but haven't finished.  Ha.  Whoops.  I like them all though, I really do!

Day 99: Listening to the train go by overhead.