Monday, September 24, 2012

Six Nine Two's

9/2 is wedding anniversary for husband and me.
We were a Labor Day weekend bride and groom, and the sky was bright, bright blue.

I feel like we live under a wedding sky in September all month long in Chi-Town.
If you look past school starting and summer waning, on most days you'll see  September's sky to be a brighter, more brilliant blue than all of the other skies that house Chicago's skyline.
Cool, crisp, clear; it's the things we know about fall.

I like that bright cerulean blue, and I like 9/2.

Six 9/2's later, I've come to look forward to the bright blue ceiling every September.
When the sun goes down on 9/2 and leaves an inky dark blue residue from the day, it's hurrah because that means it's time for another anniversary dinner in the city.
(See here, here, here, here, here, and here).

I pulled up these six photos all taken on 9/2's.
I can't decide if we've changed more or stayed the same more.
I guess it's like how the sky is always the same blue in September, but the sky is never the same twice.


Neal Anderson said...

my best days have and always will be with you!


Maria said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. And it's funny because I've always thought you and Neal have "grown-up" in your look, but looking through these pictures you both look exactly how you did 6 years ago! And can it really already be SIX years?! of the happiest days of my life for sure! :)

Maria said...

Make that 7 :)

Alyce Hermosillo said...

Cerulean's my favorite!!! But so are the two of you :) said...

love the bangs Ash ;)