Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello March, Hello Blog

March begins tomorrow, my blog begins today. It's clear in this case where the causality lies- my blog hardly brought on the first day of March, but the transition from February to the first month of spring gave me the awakening to create something new, start something fresh- to start writing about these days that we all call our lives. A modern scrapbook, a prayer journal, a writer's notebook, a folder for notes & quotes, a message in a bottle, a blog.

Now, concerning spring- let's get real- I'm a Chicagoan. Meaning I very well know that March is often nothing more than a formality, tipping the hat of its name to spring, but its expression remaining cold and aloof. Still, there are moments- the name March itself, the beginning sprouts of Chicago's spectacular daffodils and tulips, the occasional sightings of buds on park trees, the color palettes in umbrellas, boots, and scarves on the streets, the lent season leading to the celebration of true life, and the stirrings about spring break and even summer plans- all turn up the corners of my mouth and the renewal in my mind and heart.

March. You are still cold, but you offer hope. I'm feeling March in my life. Still struggling with a long, bitterly cold battle with my health, but feeling that the days seem to be getting "warmer" rather than "colder." Not settled in professional counseling but beginning to work with couples in pre-marital counseling and studying seriously for licensure. Having to turn down spring break travel plans because of yet unstable health, but arranging the details for a summer get-away. Trusting that even if it takes awhile yet, the warm days are coming. Hello, March, and welcome!