Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tart Deco

[Tart Deco, by Essie]

I love color. Don't you? Especially as spring blossoms and begins to give way to summer. If you're looking to enjoy a new color on your sandaled feet for the new warm seasons, let's talk about Tart Deco. (Tart what?)

This color is part of Essie's new Spring 2010 line, and as you can see above, won one of Oprah's Spring 2010 Makeup awards. Reviewers say of this color, "chic and modern, this dreamy coral is an artistic burst of color."

Verdict? Not quite as dreamy as I had hoped. The color is much more "orange" than it appears in the bottle. It does fade a bit, however, into a more creamy, bright cantaloupe color that looks really lovely and fresh on your toes. I tried it on shortly-trimmed fingernails over Easter weekend, and I'd have to say I probably won't do that again- just a bit too bright, at least until summer, the beach, or other such things come along.

If you think you can't do anything but pinks or reds, think again! Edging over just a tad into this creamy orange will give you the perfect hint of chic and modern. It looks just that on toes peeping out from your cropped jeans and sandals for spring and early summer. Enjoy!

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