Friday, April 9, 2010

Staycation Snapshots- Open Books & Margie's Candies

Two of my favorites- the first, a darling used book store just a block from where we live called "Open Books." I collected quite a stack of treasures as I perused the shelves, upon which Neal suggested I put a few back- the books are discounted but are still about $5-8 apiece. One of the books I came away with was "The Book of Virtues"- a thick volume of moral stories that my dad used to read to us during my childhood. Love that it's on my shelf now!

The second, Margie's Candies in Bucktown. Part of the fun of this candy shop is that it is nearly 100 years old! While we were there, the power went out and we sat in darkness with all of the other people in the shop for a few minutes. I liked that quirky twist to the night. And I found out that Margie's delectable desserts taste just as good in the dark as they do in the light!

[Open Books]

[Margie's Candies]

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