Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Staycation Snapshots- Work & Rest

"The rhythm of work and rest" is a phrase that a former president of Moody, Dr. Easley, used to refer to often when speaking to us students in chapel. It is a phrase that has since stuck with me, and it has become a regular part of my own vocabulary and thoughts about life patterns. I find that to work hard makes rest so much sweeter; and to rest makes good work possible and more effective. To have a rhythm of work and rest is to have an equilibrium in life that seems to agree with our divine design.

Neal and I enjoyed this work-and-rest rhythm over spring break, as we spent each morning studying, with the plans to be on our way to do something fun for the day by 1:00. It was a great little schedule and kept us both on track with the work we needed to do and excited for our freedom to explore and let down each afternoon. You could say we mixed a little business with pleasure as we got to settle into some pretty neat urban nooks for our study dates!

My favorite was Filter Cafe in Wicker Park, and I'm only telling you this because you're not a Moody! Wanna keep that place a little tucked away from the whole student body if possible. Speaking of Moody hot-spots, we finally got to visit Noble Tree, which is a three story old house with eclectic furniture and fun mugs for tea or coffee. Loved it.

Then there were a few days where the rain poured down and we didn't want to be anywhere but home. A cup of tea and a cozy blanket sent me right on my way to that sweet rest.


[Noble Tree]

[One of my favorite Starbucks, Chicago Ave.]

[Rainy day at home]

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