Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Staycation Snapshots- Favorite Day

Frank-Lloyd Wright Tour in the Gold Coast
Lunch at 3rd Coast
Walk to the River
Warm sunshine

[Charnley-Persky House]
This Frank-Lloyd Wright Chicago historical home is 100 years old and belonged to one of the richest men in Chicago. He had this home built after the great fire, establishing what we now know as the Gold Coast as a wealthy area. This tour is really interesting and a fun way to get to know our neighborhood. Free on Wednesdays at noon!

[3rd Coast]
My favorite time had over our staycation was at 3rd Coast. I tried their Cilantro Bean Soup & the Diablos' Tacos, and they were absolutely, absolutely delicious! I mean reaallly good-go- there-as-soon-as-possible- good! Conversation with Neal was just as good as the flavors of lunch, and I left knowing I had just found a favorite memory of spring break.
[Chicago River]
After lunch, we walked to the river, hoping to see it turned green from the St. Patrick's Day parade a few days earlier. Most of the dye seemed to have worn off, but the sun shining on the buildings and the water and warming our faces was beautiful!

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