Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweets for my Birthday

I savored so many sweets for my birthday last week.

Sweet breakfast and conversation at Original Pancake House with my husband.
Sweet, beautifully wrapped gifts from him who knows me well.
Sweet phone chats, texts, and messages from family and friends.
Sweet, sweet time with three of the people dearest to me in the world.

Really, spending the day in Chicago with Mom, Tiff, and Lilly is the sweetest of sweets to me!
It was the best birthday gift and filled my heart with such joy. It just goes to show that people we love are the greatest gifts! And Neal is always at the top of that list as well.

What do a three-year-old niece, a 5-months pregnant sister, a mom/grammy, and an Epstein-Barr inflicted girl do for a day in Chicago?

Defy all odds, throw off all restrictions and schedules for a day, and enjoy each other to the fullest! When the four of us are together, we eat, talk, walk, shop, repeat. And as Neal says, if he didn't call and check on us, he'd be concerned at what odd hours of the day we might be eating and what time we'd get home at night. The world fades around us and we just talk and laugh and talk and laugh in our own little world. How we end up anywhere in this fashion, I'm not sure, but we do be sure to keep favorite food stops as all the starred places on our map. They say there's a Thompson party-gene inherited by the women of the family traced back to Grandma Lotz, and no one has any doubts about that.

Some pictures from the day.

[Spending the morning with my love at Original Pancake House. Opened my gift from Neal's parents- a calligraphy class!!]

[I took so many pictures at American Girl, because it was so sweet watching Lilly!]

[Wonderful birthday dinner at Grand Lux Cafe. Try their new dessert, the Cupcake Collision- it's so good!]

[The next evening, we went out to a track meet at Wheaton to watch Parker compete.]

[My favorite picture of the weekend.]

[Could it be any sweeter? Okay, it could have been a little warmer!]

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