Sunday, April 4, 2010


This evening is raining and thundering, and Neal and I can hear the cars running through the wet streets 18 stories below our open window. We have a movie on and are decompressing after the holiday weekend. In fact, I'm blessed enough to be receiving a neck massage while I sit here typing this post with the cute but slow movie playing in the background! In fact, this evening is so relaxing that I find myself having a hard time believing that tomorrow starts one of the busier weeks I've had in awhile. It'll be a pretty important week, so this blog post is a way for me to organize my thoughts and schedule for the week.

Monday: Meet with one of my mentees, Kasey; Input the Harvest Friendship Registers (I do this hour or two's worth of data entry for Harvest on Mondays); Study, study, study for my counseling licensure exam, which will finally be this week!!!

Tuesday: Study some more. Most of the day if possible, as this will be my biggest gap of time for studying! Probably try to read over the Ethics Code to familiarize myself with that material for the test as well- ugh! Who likes ethics for reading material? Another thing of my list for Tuesday is locate my testing facility and get all my paperwork ready. Really don't want to study up and then fail to show up! Then 4:00 will be a meeting with another student, Jillian.

Wednesday: Wednesdays I get to have lunch with my dear friend Ilene! Always a great mid-week connection. At 1:00, I meet with another of my mentees, Jackie. At 4:15, Neal and I meet with one of our pre-marital counseling couples. Sometime before 4:15, I'll prep the session, and hopefully squeeze in some final cramming for the exam! Oh, and I'm liable to forget this one- prep the snack for Neal's Student Development get-together the next day. They might be having the loaf of zucchini bread I already made for this past weekend. I can't promise anything super special at this point, but, hey, we might all be surprised!

Thursday: 9:00am National Counselors Exam!!!! Hope to be out of there in 2 hours with a passed score! I can't wait to have this exam completed (which will give me my LPC license!), and I really hope all my studying will have paid off. The rest of the day will hold another pre-marital counseling prep and session for our second couple, and then off to our Harvest small group in the evening.

Friday: My final mentoring meeting of the week, with Audra; a third and final pre-marital counseling session for the week, and then..... relaxation! Whatever that might look like come Friday afternoon!

Thanks for letting me make my schedule here- maybe it will have reminded you of a few things you want to get done yourself this week!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely. I love that you and Neal get to do pre-marital counseling. Enjoy your week!