Monday, February 28, 2011

One Year Blog Anniversary

Dear blog,
I started you one year ago.
I had been thinking about it for a few months, when something in me just decided it was time.
I think it was the arrival of March and the new transition to spring that really gave me the bug to try something new, if I remember right.

So much about today is different than this day a year ago, yet so much is familiar too.
I know the thing that is most different is me.
Last year was such a hard year for me, and I suppose it's those experiences that shape you the most.
That persistently urge you to stretch and grow and transform.
That cause you to be quiet within yourself and have so much to voice to the world, all at the same time.

 You can click back and see my very first blog post here.
I had no idea then how much blogging would help me through my year.
I started reading blogs during long, difficult days and became inspired by so much.
It fueled my own creativity and as I blogged, I started to taste life more richly, notice satisfying detail, and find what was beautiful, funny, or good to enjoy in the midst of a harder place.
It also gave me an opportunity to play with words and sentences and put writing to a page, and I feel more complete doing so.

So while I didn't know at the time how much blogging would do for me, neither did I realize that I was starting my blog on Leap Year.
Yep, Feburary 29th to be exact.
Which makes it kinda hard to celebrate my blog anniversary, you see.
Is it today?  Is it tomorrow?
Technically, it's neither, ha!

Let's just say that since I began City Lights on the last day of February, this is indeed my day.
From where I sit at my desk at the window tonight, I see the whole night sky lit up with the city lights, from the Sears Tower, to the Trump, to the Merchandise Mart, and millions of other lights in the city skyline.

And somehow, some way, some of you have joined me along the way!
Thank you so much for every comment, email, message, and note you've left me letting me know you like city lights or City Lights too.
On my blog anniversary, I would love to know what you have enjoyed about City Lights and what you'd like to see more of!
You are, after all, reading, and I am, after all, writing.
It would make my day to hear from you today, both new and old friends!
Here's to another year!


Neal Anderson said...

There aren't words to describe the kind of joy I have had this last year to "re-live" my life through your writing. In the most difficult of seasons you've begun new things and painted a literary picture of redemption for all of us. You inspire me. I love you.

E.E. said...

Thanks for blogging! I love your way of expressing yourself through words and pictures. You live a beautiful and honest life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Angela said...

It's beautiful that as we become inspired and grow we in turn inspire others and help them grow. I have so enjoyed sharing in your journey, and sharing some of mine with you. Keep it up! I love hearing about your struggles, your joys, and PICTURES of the city and your vacations. You give hope...that is the most important thing. :)

Maria said...

Ash, I echo the thoughts of Neal, E.E., and Angela. You live life so well and inspire me to live a more thoughtful and reedemed life. I love how you delight in the small things. Life is too hard NOT to. Thanks for being a picture of redemption to me. I love and respect you and consider you one of the most influential people in my life. Seriously. HUGS.

Lula said...

Happy blog anniversary! Blog make everything so much better don't they?!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

happy (belated) blog anniversary, sweet friend!