Monday, February 28, 2011

Let it Be

This past weekend was just delicious.
I kept pinching myself to make sure the calendar really was clear, and that naps on the couch because there wasn't anything else to do was really a reality.

Ok, before you're wondering what universe I live in and how you can get a ticket there, maybe there were things that could have been done, but every once in awhile, it's good to let it be.
 To let yourself be.

A weekend without many plans and demands is rare, so we took this one and ran with it.

We lit candles all over the apartment Friday night and had my brother Parker over for Pioneer Woman's beef stew.
He's a busy pre-med college student, so it was a special treat to get to have him for the evening.
Even though life gets more complex after college, I still don't miss that particular kind of college-y stress.
Saturday morning, we slept in and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. 
I was concerned about the mile-long list of ingredients/chemicals on the back of the tube of dough, but I decided to fling myself headlong into weekend mode.
Careful when doing this kind of flinging.
It may lead you far, far away from your healthy weekday diet.
And here's the part where we never recovered the day.
We started a Harry Potter movie (since I'm reading the books) at 11:30am.
It was "let it be" at its finest.
After the movie, the only thinkable course of subsequent action was a nap.
I actually remember drifting off on the couch thinking, "I'm falling asleep, I'm almost asleep, now I am asleep... and it feels delish."

 The only way the day could get better was to know that upon waking up from the nap, we'd head to our favorite pizza place, Pizano's, for dinner out in the city.
The only way going to Pizano's for the thin crust Rudy special could get any better would be if right before going, I got a call and was offered the job I'd been interviewing for.
I got the call.
We had so much good to talk about over that pizza!
I'll have more details here soon.
Sunday afternoon landed us at Chipotle for lunch,
and then another nap on the couch to the smell of baking banana bread.
Husband likes to make banana bread when he gets bored, and I think he had so much down time this weekend, that, well, it was time to make banana bread.
 No complaints.
And finally, we love Oreos something fierce around here.
They showed up in double stuffed droves this weekend.
The "let it be" weekend closed out with the Oscar's, and it seems we really need to see the King's Speech!
Have you seen it?

When we'll have another weekend like that, I don't know.
Well, actually, probably not for a very long time since I'll be working weekends now!
Before that begins, it was good to just "let it be."


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

loved this post, friend!!! sounds like the perfect weekend. :)

and yup, you're not the only one who needs to see the King's Speech. i want to see that and True Grit after watching the Oscars!

missing you always.

Anonymous said...