Sunday, February 20, 2011

Props to You

I realized this week that some appreciation is due you bloggers.
Not just for your inspiration and creativity which I regularly appreciate,
but for keeping your blogs going...
amidst work, motherhood, full schedules.

I still have a whole, whole lot to learn from you!
With such busy weeks lately, I find myself wondering what keeps you in step with both writing blog posts and living full days.
When do you blog?  How do you keep blogging from being snatched away by the daily demands?

My blog has helped me take notice of life in more detail, to truly taste and savor my experiences, and to have a place to remember the good that I easily forget.
And to write.
And I love it.
But how to make it all fit?

Anyway, thoughts of a girl who feels time is like sand slipping through fingertips lately.

So, stream of consciousness aside, we went on a weekend away with our friends over Valentine's.
It was pretty epic.
There was talk about how we should do it again in the summer, 4th of July maybe?
And then someone's voice spoke into the clamor for more fun, more experiences, more memories, and simply said, "This was so amazing that it's probably never going to happen just this way again, and we have to just enjoy it now."

Well said.

"Enjoying it now" was easy, as the place was Tremont, the people were some of our closest friends and family, and the food was all from the Pioneer Woman cookbook.  Returning from the weekend involved a fair amount of mourning and a sore throat, which I figured out was not actually a cold contracted from baby Kaden, but rather from all the laughing over 3 days.

Not a bad sore throat to have.

We mostly sat around telling stories and eating, and then we sang our hearts out at Shiloh.
Again, the throat.

{Joel, Allie, Ty, and Troy}
Allie works with us at Moody, Joel is her fiancee, Ty is my brother, and Troy is a friend from Harvest.
{Kyle, Steph, Josh, and Neal}
Kyle is a great friend of ours and goes with Steph, Steph works with us at Moody, Josh is roommates with Kyle and his fiancee lives in WA (so she couldn't be with us), and hubs.
{Baby Kaden & Tiff}
{Niece Lilly}
Telling us her Bible memory verse, swoon!
{Kaden & Big Papa}
{It's true.  This was the menu for the weekend.}
Marlboro Man sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, maple scones, cheese bread, mocha brownies, yes, yes, yes.
I need a copy of this cookbook.
{Parker & Alyssa} 
Parker's my brother and Alyssa's his girlfriend... I love her!  Oh wait, I love them both, a lot.

{It was Valentine's weekend, after all}
{Country sunsets}
{Reality landed us all back in Chicago}

{But she's a very pretty reality, don't you think?}
Especially when you drive in on Lake Shore Drive.

 Don't forget to send me some of your tips in the comments section about when you blog and how you blog in the midst of a full life!
Pretty please!
I'd love to learn from you all.

Goodnight and sweet dreams from a rainy Chicago night,


Kacie said...

I love to blog long, leisurely and thought out posts. When I'm busy (like now)... that is just not possible. So instead I determine what topic I'm going to blog about and write in a couple of paragraphs, throw in a picture if possible. That takes just 10 minutes and is actually relaxing! I do it during a lunch break, right before bed... you know. In those little snippets of time between the larger responsibilities.

And it turns out more people read those short posts than the long ones!

Kirra Sue said...

You can time your posts for when they publish so I typically write the posts whenever I can over a span of time (the most recent post I have, I wrote over the course of a week), and then you can have it publish whenever you want. While you're working on it it automatically saves it as a draft file so you have the leisure of going back to editing it. Hope that helps! Love you!