Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February

Hey!  We made it through January!
No small accomplishment for us Chicagoans.
Today, welcoming February is conjoint with watching this sizable snow storm blow in.
The media has had no shortage of dramatic description for the storm, but since right now I can't see anything in the skyline other than the buildings right across the street, it seems we will indeed be well covered in this heavy cloudburst.

I'm loving it.
Neal has been home much of the day, and I've been listening to Ingrid Michaelson on pandora and cleaning out our home office.  
A project that has been desperately needed for... oh, who knows how long.
I'd have to consider today just stage 1 of the office organization, but stage 1 made a nice difference already.
(Does anyone else have a hard time keeping up with the constant inflow of mail, papers, notes, and to-do's?!)

Husband caught me in his arms for a dance by the snowy windows and flickering candles when "She is Love" by Parachute came on.
I couldn't help but think that if you could see through the blustery snow into our apartment windows at that moment, you'd know we're happy in love.
Love, it's here. 
On the 18th floor on Chicago Avenue.
Where is love in your world?
Happy February!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

girl, we didn't need pictures for this post. you wrote it out so perfectly.

enjoy your time with neal and ingrid. love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hehe. I love it!