Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Fever

I have it.
Do you?

Neal knew my love of Valentine's Day well enough to propose to me on a Valentine's Day, five years ago now.
I wish I had written down the story and the details of that day which included a flight from O'Hare airport, toes landing on a warm and sandy beach, an orangey pink silk dress, and a pear-shaped diamond ring, hello Valentine's Day of all Valentine's Days.
When it happened, I just knew I'd never forget it, and I haven't, but five years has taken with it a few of the words, a few of the details.
This year would be a good year to get it all down in writing for good.
If we get another snow day, I may have to do just that.
Until then...

1. I've strung a paper heart garland in our apartment that has me falling in love everyday.

2.  Over Valentine's weekend, we're going on a weekend away with a bunch of our greatest friends, and it has me over-the-moon excited!  One of our friends has a countdown going on facebook, and I think it's at under 70 hours now. :)
Last year, we celebrated Valentine's Day on a long, sunny weekend day out and about in the city. 
Here's a few pics.

3.  I'm hoping to find a sweet time on Valentine's Day (Monday when we get back) to try these red velvet pancakes with my valentine.

4.  In a moment of frugality, I decided to pick up a card for my sweet hubs at Barnes and Noble while I was there, instead of indulging in my usual PaperSource addiction.  Their $6 cards have been getting to me after awhile.
But after stopping into PaperSource later on, of course I just died over their gorgeously perfect Valentine's Day letterpress cards.
But maybe husband will feel more loved by a less expensive card... hmmm?

5. Monday night will be a Valentine's date in the city, and I'm relatively certain I'll be wearing long underwear.  Chicago Februarys are Chicago Februarys, regardless of holidays where you're supposed to be beautiful.

6.  I'm planning to make red velvet cupcakes with Sprinkle's cream cheese frosting for our students Valentine's Day week. 


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you two are always so cute!! love the heart garland too. and i cant wait for V-day!! ryan is coming to visit and already has dinner reservations here in SC. woohoo!!

Molly said...

Ashley, you should definitely write out that special occasion! I still remember cramming into your room with the rest of our dorm floor to hear about the incredible lengths Neal went to to sweep you off your feet. Not to mention filling us all with that contagious celebratory spirit and even joyful tears! This probably sounds ridiculous, but I still have the shirt: "My RA is dating Neal Anderson/ 7N knows how to pick em" I feel like I should mail it to you if you don't have yours anymore :)

Happy V-day! I'm looking forward to it too!

Stephanie said...

love this! and love that you did the heart garland on the mirror ... so great!

Diana Mieczan said...

Awww..that heart garland is so adorable and you both look so sweet together:) Wish you a cozy Friday, my dear

Asharae said...

You are so adorable! You make me want to celebrate and appreciate holidays so much more!! :) Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I love this...and I love you!