Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Elbow Room

Chicago is not giving March much elbow room lately.
No, she's standing in salute to gray and cold as unblinkingly as ever.
Weekends hold the form of blankets and books and a window view of the skyline, shrouded in dingy cloud cover.

I see pops of color in stores windows and spring color palettes, but Chicago is just not yet willing to commit.
And experience with my city tells me it could still be quite some time.

So, our weekends are spent like so.

1. Clean sheets
2. N: Painting day at the cathedral downtown that's just been given (given!) to our church.
3. A: Prep day for teaching a seminar to 50 student leaders this week.
4. Sneaking in a few more chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
5. Friends (Tremont reunion!) and Pioneer Woman's cobbler
6. Campus stand-up comedy show
7. Manning the Walk in the Word counter at church
8. A, not kidding, 2 1/2 hour Sunday nap for both husband and me
9. More Harry, Ron, & Hermione and being really surprised by the ending of book 3
10. The Maker's Diet smoothies
11. N: bakes oatmeal bread and we have warm oatmeal bread with butter... mmmm!
12. Last but not least, talking to my sis Tiff on the phone for the billionth time in the past two weeks and officially booking our vacation- something we've wanted to do together for so long!

With such a restful weekend, I have no explanation for why I've been melting down so easily yesterday and today!
Thank goodness our friends Kirra and T spontaneously invited us over for homemade pizza last night.
We laughed until I was afraid the neighbors would be grumpy.

Until spring edges out winter, we might all be a little grumpy, but while Chicago refuses spring, it looks promising that husband will be baking more bread on the weekends.

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

still sounds like a good weekend! so excited you are using your teaching/speaking (ahem, preaching) skills!! wish i could sit in. i was always your biggest fan in derosset's class!

sorry to hear the weather hasn't been so great. you might have to come to the south. the weather will def. cheer you up! ;)