Thursday, May 27, 2010


In blog world, I am M.I.A, I know. To my city life, I am definitely M.I.A as well. I'll be back. But for now, wanna know where I am?

I'm away for several days, tucked in a rural utopia of a white wrap-around porch, wicker furniture and rocking chairs nestled amongst flowers and watering cans, a brick patio lightly shaded by a white pergola, gardens, trees, lush green grass, brats on the grill, fresh strawberries out of the garden, sisters and brothers and teeny nephews and niece, and a quilt to snuggle under tonight with summer breeze coming through the window screens.

I am home.

And I am red, very red. Something about the bliss of this perfect summer day and home and memories and my niece's giggles in the pool made me forget entirely, or just entirely not care, about SPF. Ouch. But somehow, it's kinda a good ouch. Makes me feel alive, carefree, and summer-ish.

My mom says I burned because "Chicago makes me white." She's got a point.


ilene joyce said...

hey, girl! the city is missing you - and so am i! Wednesday lunch was not he same w/o you. i am glad that you are getting some rest and relaxation at home. love you!

Adeline Grace Yoder said...

I've been MIA too friend! We need to chat! LOVE YOU! :)
BTW - it's Bethany! I have no idea why it shows Addy's name instead :)