Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day Much-ness

When Dr. Stowell was president of Moody during my first year as a student, he used to talk about what he called the "much-ness" of God. By this he meant that there's so much of God to love and to know, and then so much that we're not even able to comprehend.

Well, the idea of "much-ness" came to my mind when thinking about our Mother's Day weekend. There was just so much to it! A drive to Indianapolis, a family dinner with grandparents we seldom see, an international send-off for brother-in-law, a mini over-night vacation at a local hotel, a baby dedication, a Mother's Day party, a drive back to the Chicago suburbs, and another Mother's Day celebration. All in the span of 30 hours. Much, yes?

Starbucks, yes?

We had a really great time. It helps that Neal and I looove car trips together. Chat, dream, process, plan, and a little music, and then we're there.

After meeting up at a yummy steakhouse with the family for dinner and catching up all around was had by all, Neal and I "retired to our hotel" that Neal's grandpa kindly booked for us. Doesn't that just sound sophisticated? We usually don't stay in a hotel when we go visit family, but man, there was something to it.

I'd love to introduce you to my Anderson family. Some of you know them well, others have met them before, and others have never seen the faces of this side of my newly married life (almost 4 years can still count as newly-wed, can't it?)

On the two ends are Neal's two brothers, Grant and Blake. Next to Blake is his wife Cassie and their twins, Halie and Addie. Then of course us, and in the middle is Grandpa Anderson.

Here Neal's sweet parents have joined in the back there.

Now for the whole family with Neal's other side, the Rolphe grandparents.

Neal and I with our red-headed nieces, Halie and Addie.
Being "Auntie Ash" is very near the top of my "these are a few of my favorite things" list. And I think "Uncle Neal" enjoys it almost as much, if not with the same "cute-baby-dresses-are-jumping-into-my-cart-for-my-nieces" exuberance that seems to plague me.
I love being an auntie!!
Can that be my job?
Another reason for our trip to Indy to see the Anderson clan was to see Neal's brother, Grant, off for his 2-year trip to the Dominican Republic. He will be working as a counselor there at a camp for troubled adolescents. We're so proud of him, excited for him, and sent our love with him via a large bag of candy- he says it made it through customs!

On the road again.

Waiting 15 minutes at the drive-through Starbucks. 15 min.= not a lot of time to get from here-to-there. 15 min.= a lot of time to wait at a drive through.

My mom's gift (Intelligensia coffee!), all ready and waiting for her. Just three more hours, and we'll be there...

As much as I feel I am always pulling out my camera, I forgot to take a picture celebrating Mother's Day with my momma and family. We ended up at a diner called "The Colonial Cafe." Very fun. And she
loved her Intelligensia coffee. She emailed me the next day frantic saying that she had her regular 4:00pm Starbucks and it "tasted like tree bark!" Sorry, Mom, for ruining you. I'll be sure to make your Intelligensia delivery when I come next week!

For Neal and I, family is one of our greatest priorities and deepest loves, and we are so thankful for both of our families. Living amongst sky-scrapers and coffee shops will never take that love away. See you all soon!


Angela said...

This post just reminds me how precious this time with my family is! Thank you for reminding me. Sometimes I forget that I never know how long I will have with them and I forget how much I appreciate them. you're always an inspiration!

Your sister in Christ,

Cassie said...

Just got to read this and I love it. We love having you guys around and I do think you could make a living being an auntie...if you count hugs and kisses as money :)