Friday, May 7, 2010

For my Momma

In honor of Mother's Day, I'm going to be posting a few cards. This first one, of course, is for my Momma. Happy Mother's Day Momma, and I can't wait to be with you on Sunday evening!

Some of you have asked if I'm going to write a book someday. In all honesty, yes, I hope to. And it'll be about my momma. Shhh, don't tell her. She won't much like that idea because she's far too humble to ever think someone should write a book about her.

Sorry, Mom. I'm all grown up and big now, and I'll have to make my own decisions! By the time I get it done, you'll be so old that all you'll care about are your great-grandbabies, and I can sneak a copy into your hands while you're snuggling the newest. Maybe then you won't mind so much.

Momma, thank you for being so wholly loving, nurturing, and caring- from the day I was placed in your arms to this morning when you emailed me with encouragements about this weekend and texted me to see how I was feeling.

Thank you for devoting your life to caring for me, providing for my needs, raising me up in the Lord, and being my supporter and encourager as I took my wings to fly...and then comforting me when I have a gimpy wing or an especially gusty headwind.

Thank you for teaching me about the Lord, praying for me day after day and year after year, sharing your godly wisdom, modeling a life of absolute passion and service to Him. In you, I see a true disciple, a true lover, a true servant of Christ. In you, I see His love for the hurting and the needy. Because of your example, I know what it means to give, to serve, to love, to suffer in the name of Christ. Because of your example, I know what it means to love the word of God and to trust.

Thank you for teaching me hospitality, simplicity, modesty, beauty, hard work, diligence, excellence, compassion, tenderness, joy in creation, love for family, the blessing of making delicious foods, and putting others before yourself- loving others above yourself.

Thank you for all of the time we've spent together eating and talking our way through Chicago, Founder's Weeks, sitting on the laundry room floor at home or up in my old room talking until Dad comes to find you, walks down the gravel road, special shopping trips, kitchen chats while you're cooking or working, sititing by the pool in the sun together, parties, the move-ins and the move-outs, decorating my floor and room together at Moody, our hours of phone conversations, and so much more.

I love you Momma, you're the greatest, and you'll always be in my heart! Happy Mother's Day to the mother of 18 who could never be celebrated enough!

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