Monday, May 10, 2010

For my Anderson Mom

Another Mother's Day card today. This one is for my mother-in-law, who I just call "Mom." It's so easy to call her that. From the day I married into the Anderson family, and even before, I felt so welcomed, so loved. Of course, it helped that there was stored-up excitement just ready and waiting to receive the girl who first walked through the doors of that all-boy home!
I'm so thankful that it was her home into which I walked to eventually be part of forever. I'm so blessed by who this Mom is and to have her in my life.

I'm blessed by her friendly and warm personality. We love to chat, chat, chat, both about the small and the big things. She's so fun to share a funny story with, and just as good to share a deep hurt or difficulty. I love that I have what I count as a friendship with her.

I'm blessed by her rock solid walk with the Lord and heart for ministry. I know that Neal and I are beyond words blessed to have not only our own set of parents, but also our in-laws supporting our desire to serve the Lord with our lives. And not only do I have support from this Mom, but we share the heart for ministry as well. She gets what Neal and I do. She gets it because she's lived it for years and continues to daily. And about that rock-solid walk with the Lord- she's been through valleys in life. Hard times. Like anyone. But through those times, she has cultivated such a deep faith and history with God. Her faith has been such an example and encouragement to me in my valleys.

I'm blessed by her care and love for me. She prays for me so faithfully. What a gift! I feel so much love and care through her prayers. In this recent season of deep difficulty with my health, I've been given an even clearer window into her love. Like the time she drove up and spent a day with me at the hospital, waiting through tests and doctors and taking notes for me. Like the time I crumpled at her kitchen counter in tears and despair, and it was ok. She cried too. Like the time last week she sent me the most meaningful card and get-well-soon-gift.

Mom, I'm so thankful for you. I hope you can see from these short paragraphs that you are truly such a blessing. I love you, and Happy Mother's Day!

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