Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Corner Bakery Chat

5:30pm sun on the face.

Outdoor patio with flowers.

Corner Bakery chicken pomodori sandwhich on a pretzel roll.

The evening special: conversation.

After a short walk, Neal & I found ourselves at the corner of State and Cedar St. and decided to just sit down and have dinner- something so spontaneous as this we don't usually do, since we are both much more of the planner type. But tonight, we soaked in the evening sun, and the meaningful conversation that passed between us was especially.... needed. As we battle out this journey with Epstein Barr, we just keep talking, and processing, and trying to trust. Helping each other to trust.

Mostly, we discussed the content of this incredible message on suffering. It is given at Wheaton College by one of my most beloved psychology professors, a recent stroke-survivor. Follow the link here to listen. If you don't have time now, come back to it. It's short (30 minutes or less) and will help your "roots go deeper"- it will impact you, I am confident. It's gentle, raw, and real. And it's so where I'm at. Thank you, Dr. Mangis.

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