Monday, August 13, 2012

The Reading List That Did Not Disappoint

I'm spending the afternoon today at a place that will make you glad down to your bones to be a Chicagoan, The Bourgeois Pig.
Mondays are quiet in coffee shop corners, so I had this room all to myself (!)
This place is for literary lovers, with the sandwiches on the menu all named after classics like "The Great Gatsby" (a slight twist on the classic club sandwich) and "Pilgrim's Progress" (sourdough bread, mayonnaise, oven roasted turkey, avocado, red onions & swiss cheese).
I opted for a black bean soup and a latte and deemed this the place to put together a little reading list.

Some of you have asked me about that reading list I promised from our vacation in Mexico.
I'm so excited to get it to you and even though today feels like a fall day in Chicago, there's still summer reading allowed!
If it's not allowed, then I guess I'll just be breaking the rules for some time yet.
I'm okay with that.

I've included books from both me and husband's lists, so I hope you find a little something just right for you amongst the titles.
A his and hers, if you will.
I'll post one review each day this week, so check back tomorrow and the next day and the next if you're looking for that one book to end the summer or for books for a fall coffee shop list.
Ringing of the Little Engine That Could, I bring you the Reading List That Did Not Disappoint.
You can't go wrong!


Kacie said...

Funny. My one experience at that place was my freshman year at Moody, when a guy on my brother floor took me there after asking his RA where a good spot was that no other Moodies would be at. Fail. Apparently all the other guys on that floor had the same information, and that potential relationship went public before it even got off the ground.

and then... it didn't get off the ground, he married the girl in the room next door (after taking her to the SAME place for a first date), and I believe he's still working at Moody, so he will remain nameless. :)

Ohhh Moody romances. *rolls eyes*

Ashley said...

Kacie, come back to Chicago and make a new Bourgeois Pig memory! It sounds like it owes you one. :)