Thursday, August 2, 2012

Puerto Vallarta, Part I

Me and the husband have got to be the most boring vacationers, ever.

We read for hours and hours on end in the pool, under cabanas, in the sun.
We had no phones or internet, and didn't miss it a bit!
I slept better than I have in three years.
I had Coca-Cola every day and husband all to myself.

To us that is the best vacation ever, ever.
We were happy clams.

I'll be back to post our Puerto Vallarta reading lists, which I'm just giddy about.
I've already mailed two copies of the books to a couple friends.
And to a few complete strangers. (Haha.  No.)
Although I'm practically that crazy about what I read.


Anonymous said...

Love these pictures! You two are beautiful. What a lovely vacation. :)

Tugboatannie said...

did I miss the reading list? always interested in those :)