Monday, August 27, 2012

3rd Coast

Yesterday it poured rain all day and night.
Thank heavens, literally and figuratively.
It was also Sunday, and that made the rain a closer friend than that of other days.

Husband and I ducked through the rain to a place that feels like home to slow nights and dark weather.
I pulled on leggings and rain boots and leaned in to him under umbrellas and the glow of residential street lights, the effect blurred by water droplets.

And I was ready for fall, just like that.
(I'm an easy sell).

August/September in Chicago is like middle school.
It's impossible to know if you should want to look backward or forward.
Childhood or adulthood?  Summer or fall?
Some people would choose childhood, and some people would choose adulthood, but no one chooses middle school.
The in between feels all wrong, wreaks havoc on your emotions, and you never know what to wear.

But back to 3rd Coast.
We watched the rain from the sub-sidewalk level cafe and stayed long after coffee cups were drained and the check was paid, surrounded by empty tables.
Back at our apartment for an early night in, we used only candles to see the candlelight mingle with the city lights on the reflection in our windows.

I would choose fall.
And I would choose 3rd Coast in any kind of precipitation.

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh love that place so much - makes my heart ache!