Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer in a Trunk

Husband and I were on the road a bit this weekend.
When 4:30 on Saturday finally came, I ran out the door at work, rushed home, threw on some heels, and met my aunties, cousins, grandma, mom, and sis out in the suburbs for a Shakespeare play.
Such fun, the endless summer kind!

Sunday morning, we drove to Indiana to meet Neal's grandpa and parents at the country club for lunch.
So good to see family faces this weekend.

When I opened the car trunk on our travels and saw what it's been permanently holding for the past few months, I had to smile.
It was summer in a trunk:

2 lawn chairs
2 sand chairs
2 vespa helmets
1 mini portable grill
a bag of charcoal

Don't even think about trying to get anything else in this trunk.
It's full of summer and has no room for nonsense.
I'm afraid this trunk indicates a state of denial about the waning days of summer.
Oh dear.

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