Sunday, August 21, 2011

Necessary Endings

Certain places and things in life become better with time.
The Lincoln Park Conservatory grounds is one of those places, as we found out last year.
As the summer wears on into late August and walks across the threshold of early fall, this part of the park is just arriving at its full riot of colors.

I like that August has something all its own, that as each day falls closer to the end of summer, each day also colors the pigment of the blooms here a little deeper, more brilliant, and the leaves reach and spread just a little higher towards that bright blue fall sky.

Something is ending, but something is also beginning.
At work, all the therapists are reading a book together called Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud.
About the natural nature of endings, but our tendency to make them out as bad.
About the room for new and often different kinds of growth that always follows a pruning.

So as summer is ending, this part of Lincoln Park is reminding me that something new is also beginning.
What are you saying goodbye to these days, that might make room for a good hello?
As Dr. Cloud is getting into my head page after page, remember, endings are normal.

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