Sunday, August 7, 2011

Come and Play the Chicago Way

Summer has warmed and rained its way into August now, and it's clear we don't want to let go.
We want summer to stay, to stay and play the Chicago way.

I find there's nothing that quite makes husband and I feel more in the Chicago way, more like a boy and a girl living in a neighborhood called the city than the casual weekend symphony concerts under the city lights, just faintly coming to in the half-light of the beginning of day's end.

He loves.  She loves.
Summer, please stay and let's play awhile longer the Chicago way.
*The following are husband's photos from our new phones, the Google Nexus (we are very much in like with the Google phone, sorry iPhone!).
Using the Retro Cam app


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh chicago, i miss you - and cannot wait to see you and ashley soon. ;)

Angela said...

O my goodness...LOVE these pics! Makes me miss Chicago summers so much :)