Monday, August 22, 2011

Dorky's Pretty Cool

Today husband went to work, the first day of a new school year.
I so miss that, the "first day of school."
I always loved school, and the first day defines "energy" with new books, a fresh planner,  a couple hangers of new clothes, a tan telling the stories of summer.

Hubs' mom says she and his father were almost concerned about his "over-achieving habits," beginning in grade school.
I like to think about both of us, her with little brown braids, and him with his hair mopped over his forehead, a continent apart, smiling over their new pencils.

Dorky, maybe.
But dorky's pretty cool.
Especially when it translates to looking over at my almost 30-yr old husband reading East of Eden at night and loading his Amazon cart with a GRE study book.
Doctorate applications, anyone?
 Probably could have known since first grade that that's the kind of guy
 I'd crush on.

Usually on that first day of school, teachers or friends ask you to share your summer highlights.
One for us this year was an invitation to a wedding held on a boat on Lake Michigan.
RSVP: Yes.
Scroll down for a view of the city from Lake Michigan.

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Anonymous said... This is such a Shauna thing to do too.