Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guest Post

Hello!  Find me over here today, where my dear friend Ilene was so kind to invite me to be part of her series on fall trends.
Come on over!

Thanks to Kirra Sue for the photos found on my post there.

P.S. More fall trend love... red lipstick. I'm loving Mac's Ruby Woo.


HeartNhandmade said...

you are just the cutest thing! I really love your blog, I see many followers to come :) The pictures are stunning as well and I love your fall fashion outfit on Ilene's blog :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

girl, i was so happy to have you!!!

p.s. one day and counting...

Kirra Sue said...

ya! i can't believe we did those pictures a year ago. you know- i'm looking to do some more to build my portfolio....i'm just sayin. a year under my belt & they may look a little better?! i'll make you cookies. ok. done begging. love you.

styleforlife said...

Your blog is sooooo fun!!! I found you via Ilene. Shall we follow each other?
I would love to sponsor your blog too.
Lets talk.
xxxx Emily

PS- Lived in Chicago for 11 yrs before moving to LA. THE best city. :-)

melissa said...

Just wanted to say I visited Chicago for the first time this summer!

Definitely following your blog to keep my love for it alive :]
Here's a little post on my Chicago experience!

Love your red vespa!

J.Mill said...

Hi Ashley! I love the layout of your blog, the fact that you are YMP (young married person) and that you live in Chicago. I live here too with my husband (YMPs, we are). I look forward to seeing the city and married life though your blog!