Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hopeless Chicago Romantic

Memorial Day, in other words, summer officially.
Couldn't really imagine it any other way than the story these pictures tell.

Steamy, sunny light pouring through the filter of tree leaves at Lincoln Park, a blanket and chairs, HP 7, frozen yogurt, and droves of bicycles, families, beach bags.
Did you know Chicago was named the #1 place in America to be on Memorial Day?
Of course! But then I'm a hopeless Chicago romantic...

The very reason I can't imagine it any other way, I owe deeply to our service men and women today and throughout hundreds of years. 

To them, thank you.
With every breath of freedom, may we live well.
This day, well, I believe we did.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aaaaawwwww, you guys are soooo cute!! (i think i say that everytime i see a picture of you two together - but hey, its true!)

these pictures are so perfect. glad you guys enjoyed it!!!

Sarah Smith said...

because you love harry potter, i had to send this to you:,AAAAAB1-JM0~,FkO2We_lk8OKCDAR78oWEi9bP3Y8Mex3&bctid=960569006001

i've watched it about ten times already.