Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Quick Stop in Chicago

Neal and I are hugging each other a little tighter tonight.
Early tomorrow morning, we go our separate ways,
he to a work conference for the week and me for a trip to see my friend's new baby and a brief drop in at home.

Seeing as we just got back from Cincy, our suitcases are feeling the love.

So, today was a quick stop in Chicago before summer spins the wheels on our car once again, in typical us summer fashion.
Chicago for the day found us on a Vespa ride to church, a quiet afternoon at home doing laundry and taking naps, and a patio dinner with the in-laws under a beautiful strand of lights and flowers at one of our favorites, The Kerryman.

Settle yourself at an outdoor table at The Kerryman this summer, and you'll begin to know summer in the city.

1 comment:

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

gorgeous photos!!! makes me miss my city.
have a safe trip, friend!