Saturday, June 4, 2011


We spent a lovely summer day today with our friends
in Cincinnati.
It was my first time to Cincy, and I was charmed.
Surprised by the steep hills, quaint neighborhoods built into the hillsides, and the old buildings and homes throughout the city.
Who knew?
Not me.

Britt and Tim are dear friends, the kind that we can stay up until one in the morning with, drink good coffee the next day for counterbalance, talk good books, play bocce ball in the sweltering heat, and then trust to lead us to the most delectable black raspberry dark chocolate chunk ice cream.
We can also sit around a laptop google-searching "saggy faced dogs," which got us all hooting with laughter and contemplating future additions to our families.

They're the friends where experiencing the world and relaxing into conversation blend together simultaneously in some kind of stimulating ease.
I like.
Here's to Cincy, and to our lovely friends!

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