Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Josiah Daniel

I got the chance a bit earlier this summer to drive down to my hometown to meet my childhood best friend's brand new baby.

There was something full circle about walking in the door and embracing her as she nursed her little baby.
Somehow, it seemed just as natural as walking through her door with new rubber bands on my braces, parking my high school car on her driveway, dropping by to show her my prom dress, and then wedding dress.
She said, "You look different!" and I said, "You have a baby!"

And then we proceeded to talk the afternoon away on the couch with the baby snuggled between us.
It could have just as easily been 10 years ago, us curled up in her bedroom, all the world to discuss.

As it were, we had much more of the world to discuss now, not the least of which is her new motherhood.
I pulled out my camera, and Lil started speaking my language when she asked if I would take a few photos of Josiah.

  His many little faces had already stolen my heart, so I jumped at the chance to click away and store his little face on camera.
When it comes to babies, I have to admit, I'm easy.
Thanks Lil for sharing Josiah with me, and of course, your yellow jellybeans,
like always.

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Danielle Germaine said...

Great post! I have so enjoyed reading through your blog, Ashley! Continue to use the voice God has gifted you with to communicate! :)