Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We'll Take You

Inaugural Montrose afternoon by the lake postponed.
The windy city gave some gusto on Sunday afternoon.
Sheets of rain, dark as midnight skies at noon, and tree branches bowing at the waist to the wind.
With calls made to family and friends to cancel our plans of lakeside sunshine, 
I crawled back in between the sheets darkened by the shade of storm, and slept.  
And slept, and slept.
What could a girl need more than opening picnicking season at Montrose?
Her bed, I guess.

Eventually, a sleepy-eyed me pulled on rainboots that evening when the storm had cleared and had a nice park bench sit.
It was the quietest day I've had in ages, and I needed it.
Chicago, we'll take you in the rain, we'll take you when the sun shines.
We'll take you, always.

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