Monday, April 23, 2012


Today I have thoughts of jogging, and reading outside at the park, and unfolding spring and summer clothes to hang in the front of my closet.

Today I have thoughts of how the day passes far too quickly with groceries, cleaning, planning.
Drop it all and go to the park?
(Yes?  Yes.  Yes!)

But today, in the midst of dreams and mundane, I find my thoughts are mostly and about him.

Mondays I think of him the most. Mondays I miss him the most.
I think because I have peace and quiet on my day off,
which creates an unassuming space to think and feel.

Husband, all I think and feel today is you
I wanna go back to Bakin' & Eggs and have Intelligensia with you.
Marry me, today and every day.

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-Him said...

Sounds like your husband is the luckiest guy in the world! There's not a man who doesn't wish he was him.