Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Doughnut Vault

Confession: First stop on my birthday morning was this place.
Hopefully it's not your first stop this morning, because I hear the lines on the weekend are too long.  
An hour plus is too long, right?

Mom and I got there on Monday morning and there was no line whatsoever.
They were already sold out!
This adorable little place opens early in the morning and just closes whenever they run out of doughnuts.

It was 10:30am. 

Husband and I had gone one time before, and I've been thinking about their chocolate glazed light-as-air doughnut since.
Mom and I were a little deflated, but we recovered quickly enough.
I'm sure I won't let it beat me that easily though, not with the doughnut knowledge I now have.
No sense in waiting around for birthdays!

You'll find this little beauty on 400 1/2 N. Franklin.

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