Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter, City Side Up

Husband was on-call for work this past weekend, and I worked Friday and Saturday too, so we had a Windy City Easter.
Is it silly to say that it felt like taking another step in the world of grown-ups by staying in our own home and buying the groceries, cooking the ham, and inviting the guests?

We dearly love our families and ever since college, really haven't stopped road-tripping to our families' homes on holidays.
And don't worry Mother, the plans certainly haven't changed.

But as Grandma Lu emailed me via a bird-chirping e-card, "sometimes work does have to come first." 
Of course, holidays and my family will always and forever be inextricably linked.
I was on the phone with my sister planning the menu and scribbling down her recipes, and on the phone with my momma the night before double-checking the ham instructions, all the while hearing Dad's sagacious ham commentary in the background.

As husband and I prepped and planned and cooked together, I felt my movements all being shaped, puppeteered almost, by the scene in the kitchen I watched for 20 years as a girl.
Make it special, stay up late, and by all means, have a hot roll with butter right out of the oven before wrapping them up for the next day and calling it a night.

As it turned out, Sunday was sunny and spilling over with dear friends around our little kitchen table. 
Community in your community is a basic construct that we find sweeter and sweeter with each passing year in this city.

How about you?
Have you hosted a holiday away from your family?

Here's a simple peek of Easter, city side up.

The Good: The Instagram app is now available for Android, hooray!
The Bad: Easter dinner was my first time to use Instagram and I completely failed at the concept of uploading.
The Ugly: I lost all the photos but these four.


Kristina Gulino said...

How are there no comments on this yet? Haha! It's so darling. Love the picture you painted. It's ironic too, since at the hair salon on Friday, my stylist asked if I was preparing an Easter meal for my family in which I quickly replied "Nope, we're just going to my in-laws house after I get off work" (I work Sundays). She was kind of amused that I; a newlywed with no kids; was totally ok NOT preparing a feast. So I went on to explain that while I really wanted to, our apartment has lousy seating for parties over 4 and I have no idea how to really cook - so I think that excuse sufficed :) Sorry for the novel! You just sparked up some good conversation! And your little setup looks so cute. Great to hear your Easter was truly blessed.

Nook & Sea

Anonymous said...

This looks and sounds so lovely! the title of this entry too. You are so clever.

Ashley said...

Love that you just had this conversation! And our apartment was seriously over-capacity, which our guests were very sweet about. :)