Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Snapshot

I'm linking up again today to Saturday Snapshots at Yellow Songbird
This picture just speaks quintessential Saturday, hmm? 

{Lovely Bake Shop}
Besides everything I love about this picture, I think what I love most is that it didn't take place on a Saturday.
It was an after-work-chocolate-scone-and-hot-chocolate kind of indulgence just this week.
I sat across from husband and read Harry Potter (book 5 now) as if I hadn't a care in the world.
And best of all, I think I found one of my new favorite spots in my whole city.
Chicago, I do love you indeed.
Happy Saturday!


stephanie said...

that looks so yummy! great photo.

Kara said...

Great photo. Made me smile.

virginiamae said...

Ooh! Love it! It makes me miss the big city with delectable treats and a great cup of coffee!

Kimberley said...

What a neat photo, it just screams relaxation and peace. Found you via Yellow Bird! Have a great day!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aaaaaawwww, ashley!! i want to have coffee with you again - this just looks so perfect :)

(btw have i ever told you that whenever i say that something is "perfect" i think of you! and no that is not some weirdo pick-up line! sounds like it doesn't it?! i just remember you saying it a ton of times in one of our derosset classes so it always stuck with me.

okay enough with the longest comment in history. love ya, miss ya, see ya later bye! :)

Whitney Lane said...

aww I LOVE Lovely!!! Beautiful photo.. makes me miss Chicago. :)

Kim said...

how soothing is this photo? thanks for linking up. love it.

Hannah @ Peggy Ann Design said...

yummy!!!! (coming over from yellow songbird)

Franchesca said...

How refreshing to be spending a work day with a yummy treat and a Harry Potter book! Makes me want to read one now :)

Stopping by from Kim's blog party, glad to have found you! xxx

sarah said...

yummm!!! :)

{linked up with yellow songbird}

BB Goad said...

this looks so fun! love the chicago mug :)