Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking Advantage

I took advantage of a day called "husband-nor-I-have-to-work" and it was a swell day.
It was also a Monday, how very swell is that?
We felt like free birds, flitting about the Chicago History Museum while the rest of the city compressed into button-downs and suits and splashed coffee on their shoes while rushing about the industry called Monday.

We felt like love birds, ducking into our favorite cafe and ordering the exact same menu item, "Diablos House Tacos with a side of soup" and whittling away the hours in the empty restaurant.

More to prolong the already slow feel of the afternoon than for something else to eat, I ordered a chocolate chip scone.
 Changed my world.
For the better, my friends, for the better.

So tomorrow is back to work, but in terms of taking advantage, I think we did it.
Oh, and one more thing. Taking advantage of a slower day probably means meandering into your favorite used book store on your way home.


Sandy a la Mode said...

wow! that's soo awesome you both didn't have to work! great pics!!

Kim said...

ummm you're CUTE..and i'm jealous of how you rock that "legit" mustard color. jcrew?

Asharae said...

These are the best kinds of days! So glad you got to really enjoy time with Neal.
Also. I'm loving your photos :)
Lots of love from Seattle!