Sunday, November 28, 2010

Too Good

Neal & I have been depressed this afternoon.
We set up our Christmas decorations and tree.
When trimming our apartment in yule festivity didn't work,
we went to Chipotle, otherwise known as trying to anesthetize ourselves.
But all day, from the moment we drove into that Chicago skyline, we just wanted to be back in my family's home where we spent the last four days celebrating Thanksgiving.
Is there such a thing as too good?
There could be.
Too good such that when you leave that too good thing, 
putting up your Christmas tree and seeing the Chicago skyline lit for Christmas isn't enough to soothe the longing in your heart to return to too good.

We gave thanks, and we gave it good.  Too good.
I guess I blame that on 14 homemade pies,
on Tyler and Parker being home,
on the wood-burning stove,
on nights of laugh-crying to Brian Regan DVDs,
on getting to mingle with family from Granny to 4-month old Kaden,
on frost and sunsets and sunrises,
on Big Papa's surprise for Lilly of decking the patio in colored lights,
on getting up at 3:40 am on Black Friday,
on the sound of foot pounding the pavement on a quiet country run,
on going to bed literally sick to my stomach from laughing so hard all day (ab exercises anyone?).
Like I said, we gave thanks, and we gave it good.
And when you're thankful, it can never be too good.


Stephanie said...

ash, love the pictures, and i love, love, love that your dad put up the colored lights just for lilly. your family really is just wonderful!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love all the pictures, friend!

i think life is funny. i am SO excited to be home with my family - but i actually missed chicago and its holiday festivities this weekend. i wish we could merge the two, you know?

love and miss you, girl!