Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Small Steps

spotted on oh hello friend

I'm looking. A little.
As in, I sent out my first round of applications for counseling jobs in the city today!
Amidst all that has happened this past year, when I sift through the volcanic ash of it all,
I still find myself wanting to go in the same direction as I did as a new clinical psychology graduate.

My timing is different than I thought it'd be, that's for sure.
Even now, I don't know that the timing is right, but I want to find out.
Even now, I don't know if it's the right step to take, but I want to start putting one small step in front of another.

Many of you know that my health remains a challenge, some days being incredibly discouraging, and on others I see signs of normal life peeking out.
Though progress is unarguably slow, some things have finally changed.
I don't have days in bed anymore. I exercise regularly. I'm part of church and small group regularly. I meet with students regularly. I take care of our little city apartment regularly.

Could I go to a job, part-time, regularly?
I think (hope) I'm getting closer.

On harder days I think I'm nuts for starting to look, and other days, it seems perfectly natural as it synchronizes with my good days and my progress-making streaks.
I'll take my time, and take heed to my body's signals.

I met with a career adviser recently and got the advice that what will be needed to find a counseling position in the job market right now is a good amount of time and persistence.
While I wait to see if and when my body will make the final stretch to stable health,
doing some job-searching each week seems perfect for this season:
The slow process of searching out buried jobs seems like it will match up nicely with the slow process of waiting for stability.

So I'm looking forward. I'm thinking forward. But I'm living in today.

Today looks a lot like trying to stay away from all my holiday planning enough to make myself type cover letters each week.
We'll see how that goes!
I already have a couple Christmas parties in the works for our cozy city apartment!
Cheers to the holidays and to small steps.


Kirra Sue said...

Proud of you.
Praying for you.
Love you.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

yes to small steps - and living in the every day. all of us should do that. love you, friend!